Blenheim is Michelin rated!

Blenheim has received the coveted Recommended rating from the Michelin Guide. Michelin's letter stated: "We send our sincere congratulations to the chef and the team at Blenheim...You are now a part of an elite group of restaurants reviewed and selected by Michelin's local, anonymous inspectors"

The Michelin Review:

"When a restaurant sources ingredients from its own farm in the Catskills, it clearly takes its farm-to-table ethos to heart. Even the decor here at Blenheim reflects this philosophy by way of distressed wood paneling and a style that is far more country-cool than precious. Service is eager and just as committed to the chef's mission of presenting pure ingredients with progressive elegance.
There may be no more genuine expression of this kitchen than the farm eggs, their yolk bright orange and fresh, set beside gently charred slices of hangar steak and fork-tender fingerlings..."